NY Attorneys Fighting Tradjenta

Recently my aunt was affected by tradjenta. A drug that is supposed to help type II diabetes. What they fail to tell you is that the drug a can cause cancer. Here is a snipplet of what I found: 

Tradjenta is a newer diabetic medication, approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in  2011 as an add-on therapy to insulin in adult patients with Type 2 diabetes. The link between pancreatic cancer and Tradjenta has yet to be fully established and recognized by the FDA, but the agency is currently investigating the matter to determine whether the recent study indicating pre-cancerous cellular changes may indicate an increased risk of pancreatic cancer in incretin mimetic users. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, involved a small number of pancreatic tissue samples from patients that died from unspecified causes. The FDA has requested additional information from the study’s researchers to conduct its own evaluation of the methodology used to collect and study the specimens. The agency has also requested the tissue samples used in the study.

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This is a guest contribution from Kirsty Sharman.

There are a million and one articles online that talk about how to earn money blogging. They all have the same tips, talk about the same things and usually just teach us things we already know.

The truth is: people like you and me (I’m assuming you’re a blogger if you’re reading this) didn’t start blogging because we wanted to be bac link experts, banner ad salesmen or tech gurus. We had a passion for a topic, and we wanted to talk about it. A lot.

All the articles online educate us to become masters of everything in order to succeed as a blogger, and successfully monetize our audience. I don’t really agree with that thinking. My thinking aligns more with being the best you can be within your niche – and partnering with others to help you monetize your audience.

If you want to be the best, and in turn earn an income from your passion, you need to be the guy that everyone wants to be friends with.

You need to be kind of a big deal.

As ridiculous as Ron Burgundy is, he mimics many traits of an internet celebrity. As influential bloggers, Tweeters, Facebookers and Instagrammers, we need to stand out from the digital crowd. We need to be to the internet what Ron Burgundy is to the News Network of America.

Below are five Anchorman inspired tips to help you blog your way to the top:

Start to think of yourself as an influencer

Brands want to work with people who can influence consumers within their target market. In order to be an influencer you need to work towards being an authority in your chosen blog category (or niche).

Partner with the right people

The same way that Ron Burgundy relies on Brick Tamland to deliver the weather, and Champ Kind to announce the sports results – is the same way you need to think of your blogging network. Partner with people to do the things you don’t specialize in – like monetizing your audience for example. Or managing your video editing. Trade exchanges are a good idea if possible.

Say what’s on your mind – even if it creates a stir

If you’re going to be a thought leader in your niche, it’s important that you speak up. If you’re a tech blogger and you think a new phone is terrible, say so. In the long run, being authentic is more important than pleasing the brands around you. Creating a stir has Ron Burgundy written all over it!

PR yourself

If you work hard, write great content and consider yourself a credible source within your niche – then it’s ok to let others know that you’re kind of a big deal.

Stay in shape

Ron Burgundy takes his personal fitness extremely seriously, you should take your online fitness just as seriously. Know who the other bloggers are, know where the best information comes from, research and write weekly. Stay in shape, on the internet!


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Anchorman-Inspired Tips to Help you Blog Your Way to the Top

5 Tools To Help Your Website Boom In 2017

Using a booming upsurge in the number of eCommerce sites there is certainly fierce opposition to attract more customers. It has made the customers more empowered and it has increased their anticipation. It is becoming more challenging to please a customer as a smallest mistake can prove to be lethal. As per the study it was discovered that, 70% of the buying activities are based on how the clients feel these are being treated. Hence, it is very important to give a good user experience to the clients.

However, to supply good customer support, it is very important to remain updated with the technology and possess all the fundamental tools. The various tools can be used to attract more customers through various ways and enhance the user experience. The article describes 5 tools that are must for the eCommerce site to increase the customer base:
just one. Customer Support

To be able to attract more customers, it is becoming required for provide a good customer experience. Live chat software plays an important role in resolving the customer queries and increasing customer engagement. Since per the survey it was found that over 60% millennials use live chat to solve the query, which makes it essential for the eCommerce website.

Branding Marketing Tips and Shortcuts for Startups

Tagove: It really is an essential tool that offers multiple features like live video chat, voice talk and text speak to features like co-browsing and screen sharing which aids in providing good customer support.

Key features:

The particular two-way co-browsing feature allows the agents to provide real time resolution to the customers.
In addition, it allows sharing the files with customers and other brokers via the chat window.
The statistics and analytics play an important role to improve the customer service.

2. To advertise loyalty programs

Loyalty programs have started to gain popularity and have become an important part of the internet commerce stores. They not only help attract more customers but also play an essential role in keeping the customers. As per the survey done by Ernst & Young it was found that 25% of shoppers consider brand loyalty as important factor to impact the buying behavior. Within order to get the competitive advantage, it is becoming imperative for the eCommerce store to follow the loyalty program that suits well with the needs of the targeted audience.

Sweet tooth: Fairly sweet tooth can be an important tool that can be used to develop basic as well as custom-made devotion programs for the clients.

Key features:

It designs the programs that goal at targeting the sales by increasing the customer spending through loyalty factors.
It helps to acquire more customers as it rewards points to customers who refer the merchandise or services.

Example: Muscle & Strength is the organization of USA that is definitely the rewards catalog program by Sweet tooth. They allow shoppers to earn much more points for birthdays, purchases and referrals. It has proved to be extremely effective tool and has helped to improve the customer base.
3. Hook up to social media

No business can support without its existence on various social media systems and eCommerce stores are no longer an exception. As per the study it was found that 58% of the marketers have suggested that their social media efforts have helped to improve the range of leads. Therefore, it is just about the necessity for the eCommerce stores to connect to audience by making use of social media.

Hootsuite: Hootsuite helps to manage multiple interpersonal media accounts from the only platform looked after monitors the conversations pertaining to the business.

Key features:

It provides ideas for individualized content and allows scheduling multiple aimed messages.
It can also auto schedule the messages to be posted at the optimum time of your day which really helps to attract more customers.
In addition, it generates reports giving a fair understanding about the impact of the campaigns on the interpersonal media.

4. Shopping cart recovery

It has been found that majority of the customers will not complete the sales through the first visit which results in e-commerce software abandonment. As for each the survey done by Baymard it was found that the common shopping trolley abandonment rate is 68. 07%. Hence, it is very crucial to have a tool to deal with the shopping cart recovery.

Abondon aid: Abandon aid is a superb tool that allows sending the notice to the consumer reminding those to complete the order. This can be an automated process and will not require any human intervention.

Key features:

It allows mailing customized emails to the possible customers compelling these to complete the purchase.
It also shares the recovery statistics to analyze the performance and the results.
It helps to save time and money and also increases customer wedding.


5. Analytics

In order to improve the performance of the eCommerce website it’s important to comprehend the analytics of the web site and monitor their behavior. By using analytics companies can make informed choices to attract more customers.

Google analytics: It is one of the very most well-known tools adored by website owners across the world. It allows tracking, organizing and reporting the information in a fairly easy manner.

Key features:

It provides information about the visitors and allows monitoring their behavior.
It identifies the pages that are producing more as well as less traffic which creates the base for increasing the under-performing ones.
It helps to comprehend the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns and track the social media switches.


You will find a rapid increase in the amount of eCommerce websites and hence it is vital to stay updated with the latest tools and technology. Companies that are not updated with the latest tools cannot sustain the competition and would slowly conclusion up losing the customers.

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